Ruby and the squirrel first launched in 2015 by designer and fiber artist Sammy Owens.


While on maternity leave with her Daughter Ruby, Sammy decided to learn to crochet, where her love of wool first began. With a passion for nature and a love of animals, Sammy decided to create an array of whimsical characters from various fibres. Hand sculpting pompoms and using various different methods to create texture and depth, she finds joy in creating animals that seem to have their own personality and are also beautiful to look at.


" Most of my work is inspired by nature and I always carefully source all of my materials from other reputable small busineses and even nature itself".


Sammy is also learning to spin her own wool to make beautiful luxurious yarn for her work and has started to specialise in weaving as well as pompom sculpting.


Sammy is always designing and creating new items and has recently designed her very own GIANT pompom maker. "I am incredibly proud of my giant pompoms as they are completely unique. you will not find anything else like them and I am so excited to be making giant pompoms for homes across the UK"


" All of my work is designed, created, photographed and packaged by myself. Each design is carefully thought out and I pride myself on originality and being unique. I really hope this shines through in all of my work as I really do pour my heart into each and every one".


Sammy prides herself on being a perfectionist and nothing leaves the studio without a final check over and sometimes even a final trim before being packaged up and sent to its forever home.












Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade fair


"My little business has grown so much over the few years. I have been churning out new designs as often as I can, while improving existing favourites. This year I have been involved in lots of exciting events so you can look out for me on your TV screens and on where you can purchase tickets for Kirstie Allsopps handmade fair. I will be at Bowood house and Hampton court palace doing skills workshops all of the three days in June and Septmeber. Come and learn how to make a pompom character of your very own! I am so so excited and chuffed as punch to be involved in such a fabulous event." Also see me compete on stage in the Moillie makes mash up at Bowood house on the sunday. Eeek!



Kirstie's handmade Christmas 2017 Champion.






On Friday 22nd December 2017 I was thrilled to be on Kirsties handmade Christmas on channel 4. I was lucky enough to make it to the finals of the handmade gift category and it was an amazing experience. Not only was I on the show but can now say I am a Kirstie's handmade Christmas champion! I cant believe I won as my competitors were amazing. Eeek! Its been the hardest secret to keep to myself as we filmed it back in October. I am completelychuffed to bits.



















Also in 2018, look out for....... PIY kits.

"POM IT YOURSELF! Yes... you heard it right, in January 2018 I launched my very own DIY pompom kits. Be on the lookout for all your favourite characters, including bunnies, foxes, bears, unicorns, deer and more. Available in my etsy shop right now are three diy kits: Bradley bear, Bea bunny and Harrison hamster. I really hope you all enjoy making your very own pompoms. I would love to see all your creations so please use the hashtag #pomityourself when posting photos on social media.


Also coming in 2018 will be more live videos, possibly a Youtube channel with live tutorials, a completely new range of greeting cards, prints, stationary and stickers and more..... also keep your eye out for a book....... eeek!



Sparkle showcases


Sammy is also part of a fantastic team of artisans who showcase their work during themed showcase events on facebook. Each artisan pride themselves on being original and unique.


" Its hard to stand out in the world of facebook, so I hugely enjoy being part of team sparkle. We really are the best when it comes to originality and beautiful work. Whats more is that everyone in the team is lovely and I can honestly call them my friends which is great when you are a work at home mum."


Please find us on facebook and Instagram. #sparkleshowcase


Sammy is a fiber artist, designer and qualified veterinary nurse. Also a mother to two gorgeous children, a dog, two cats, a parolett, six canaries and a squirrel, she is constantly busy Therefore coffee is a daily must! When time allows, she also enjoys reading, watching films, scrapbooking, long walks and prosecco!

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