How to care for your pompom


Every pompom I make is carefully hand sculpted and trimmed with precision. When your pompom arrives home, please carefully check it over, as sometimes, despite careful packaging, they can move about a bit when going through the postal system. If there is a loose strand of wool, carefully trim it off with a sharp pair of scissors.


Please try not to handle your pompom too much. Bag charms are obviously the most difficult to keep looking neat if being used on a daily basis. Please remember they are delicate and require gentle handling.


Some of the pompom animals have blush on their cheeks which may fade slightly over time. If this happens, you may wish to add some more. Just lightly brush over the cheeks with a light pink blusher to maintain the blushed look of your pompom animal.


Do not hang your pompom animal in direct sunlight, otherwise fading may occur. over time, they may become dusty, therfore I recommend, gentle dusting with a feather duster or lightly blowing over them to blow away any dust or debris. do not be too rough.


All of the pompoms I make are for decoration purposes only. They are very delicate and are not toys. Please place them up high, away from your little ones and please do not wash them.



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