Welcome to my portfolio of work.


In my Etsy shop, you will find all items I have ready made and are available to purchase. This will include pompom animals as and when I have time to make them between commission work, and Pomityourself pompom kits. PDF files that you can download will also be available soon.


I also take on commissions and I do some collaborative work with other artisans.


Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see information about pet portraits.


Here you will see photos of previous designs and products, some of which are popular designs and I make regularly. Others have been one of A kind limited editions.


Please join us on social media where you will see behind the scene shots and work in progress photos.


Thank you for looking.

Pompom pet portraits

One of the most popular things I do with pompoms, is create pompom pet portraits. From a photograph of your beloved pet, I can design and create a pompom to look just like them! A great little keepsake or a lovely way to remember a pet who has sadly passed away. Each commissioned piece is carefully designed to get the correct, unique markings of your pet. I also try and use eyes that look just like theirs where I can. Each animal is completely unique.


Please contact me for a quotation.

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